No Pain. Period.
A Revolutionary Innovation
Relief Without Side-Effects
No Pain. Period.

Stop period pain immediately with Welme

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A Revolutionary Innovation

India’s first wearable period pain relief machine.

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Relief Without Side-Effects

Risk-free | Drug-free | Hassle-free

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A powerful period
pain relief device with 100%
natural and drug-free technology

Welme period cramp machine gives relief in period pain to ensure that they remain unstoppable every day. It is a powerful menstrual TENS unit that works on a globally popular TENS technology. The TENS technology blocks the pain signals by stimulating nerves without any side effects. Now, the relief from cramps is truly in your hands.

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How to wear the Welme period pain relief device?

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Don’t let period pain steal your thunder.
Wear Welme anywhere.

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Home Welme

Whether you’re finishing up your household chores or simply resting - period pain will not bother you at all.

Work Welme

No matter what your workload meter looks like - you’ll power through it all like a boss lady.

Leisure Welme

A clash of between your period date and party plans? Don’t cancel - Welme has got you covered.

Don’t worry when there’s Welme

Scientifically-proven Scientifically-proven
Starts working immediately Starts working immediately
100% effective in pain relief 100% effective in pain relief
Convenient to use Convenient to use
No side-effects No side-effects
Use it anywhere Use it anywhere
Use for years Use for years
Easy to wear Easy to wear

Do you know someone
who suffers from period pain?Gifting Welme
period pain relief device
is a great idea!

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Love being a girl

Love being a girl

At one point in time, every girl must’ve hated being a girl. The pain of period that comes, again and again, every month makes you sad, angry and uncomfortable, all at the same time. Why spend those days in pain when you can spend them being productive? Try Welme and carry on what you do every day without any period pain. You’ll love it and you’ll love being a girl.

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of women experience menstrual pain for 2-3 days of every cycle. Are you one of them?


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